Bond Rite

Products with self-testing clamps with green flashing LED which confirms positive earth connection to equipment.These products higher level of static control and are suitable for the application where co ntrol switches or PLCs are not available for output contacts. BR products provide higher level of safety for the application which have potential to generate static electricity hazard.

Self –Testing clamp with LED indication.

Bond Rite Remote

Self-testing ground monitoring clamp with wall mounted indicator station... Read more...

Bond Rite Remote EP

Self-testing externally powered grounding clamp...

Bond Rite EZ

Self-testing grounding clamp with visual indication...


For applications where control switches or PLCs are not available for output contacts, the Bond-Rite range is the best solution for maximizing the safety of processes generating static in hazardous areas.

Encouraging operators to earth the equipment before process is initiated, a bright LED flashes when it detects low resistance (less than 10 ohms) connection to the equipment.

Continuously monitors the “earth connectivity” between the potentially charged equipment and designated earth point.

If the connection to equipment or earthed points are compromised, LED will stop flashing and worn the operator for potential static hazard.

Bond Rite range has been adapted for process that requires short term earthing to process, but not particle to connect the permanent grounding system.