Food & Beverage

The handling and storage of combustible organic ingredients like flour or sugar, and flammable products like ethanol, generate dangerously high levels of static electricity.

According to a report published by the IChemE 36% of industrial fires occur in bakeries. As more attention is paid to potential dust cloud explosion hazards and flammable hazards by government regulators, (ATEX & OSHA) the food and beverage industry is increasingly turning its attention to managing the risks associated with static electricity in potentially flammable and explosive atmospheres.

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Tank Truck Filling & Emptying

Precision and reliability is what the Earth-Rite II RTR provides to HAZLOC safety professionals and engineers who are tasked with protecting personnel and plant assets from the ignition hazards of static electricity during tank truck loading and unloading operations.

The Earth-Rite RTR is the most advanced system for protecting personnel and plant assets from static hazards during road tanker loading and offloading operations utilising innovative Tri-Mode Technology.

Earth-Rite RTR
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Grounding Isolated Process Equipment

The Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II is a unique static grounding system that can monitor the simultaneous grounding of up to eight (8) individual pieces of equipment at risk of discharging electrostatic sparks

For specialized plant and equipment situated in combustible or flammable atmospheres, with several potentially isolated conductive components (such as dryers, filling and conveying systems), the Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT provides static earth monitoring of up to (8) points with operator feedback and interlock capability.

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Grounding Portable Vessels & Barrels

The precision and reliability of the Bond-Rite REMOTE provides enhanced safety and security by continuously testing the connection of the clamp to the container or other conductive item of plant in a complete loop made through the designated grounding point.

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FIBC Filling & Emptying

The Earth-Rite II FIBC system validates and monitors the resistance of Type C FIBC bags ensuring that the conductive elements of the bag are capable of dissipating electrostatic charges in compliance with IEC 61340-4-4 “Standard test methods for specific applications - Electrostatic classification of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC)” and NFPA 77 “Recommended Practice on Static Electricity”.

Earth-Rite FIBC
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Personnel Grounding assembly

Operator can generate the static electricity through their own movement, and can generate large amount of static charge, if they are not grounded.

If the operating requirement of certain processes cause the loss of direct contact between the operator’s static dissipative shoes and the static dissipative flooring, Newson Gale make, VESX225/PGS provides an extra layer of safety to ensure the operator is grounded via the plant or the bounded equipment they are interacting with.- data sheet is attached

Personnel Grounding Strap