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Product provide maximum level of static control , because they are grounding monitoring system with visual indication and interlock facilities for

Bond Rite

Effective Planning

Products with self testing clamps with green flashing LED which confirms positive earth connection to equipment. These products higher level of static control Read more...


Why choose Us?

The Cen-Stat range of clamps, cables and reels are single circuit applications that rely on high strength mechanical circuits to dissipate static electricity from Read more...


Chemical & Petrochemical

This sector relies on the transportation, handling and processing of many hazardous products. Read more...

Food & Beverage

The handling and storage of combustible organic ingredients can generate high levels of static electricity. Read more...

Paints & Coatings

The use of solvents is still important in protective coatings applications. Read more...


This industry has a long history of worker safety and fire prevention. Read more...

Offering a unique range of products and services aimed at protecting people, plant, processes and the environment against the dangers of uncontrolled electrostatic ignition and related hazardous area safety issues. Establishing and supporting the Newson Gale brand to be the most recognised name in the global niche of hazardous area static control.

Each member of SESPL act as point of contact for all aspects of industrial explosion protection

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Hazardous area certification

Newson Gale make carries ATEX, FM, IECEx, CSA, hazardous approvals and certifications and are fully compliant with internationally recognized Best practice standards for controlling static electricity in hazardous area. CENELEC CLC/TR: 50404 , NFPA 77, API

Few of the products also carries Indian certifications viz. CCoE & CIMFR.

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